Graduation Celebration

To prep for graduation season, I knew I would need a sparkly dress 

and a bottle of champagne to match.

As some of you know, I graduated from college last weekend. It was a crazy time full of final exams, too many celebrations to count and almost no sleep for two weeks. I was blessed to have my family and my boyfriend by my side the entire time. At the end of it all, it really did feel like a group accomplishment.  
Okay, no more mushy talk. This is about the clothes, after all! It pays to have a sister who is so handy with a camera because she single-handedly documented the entire event from beginning to end. From looking like a crazy person in a messy bun, to overly glamorous in my silly grad cap, she managed to always have her camera on her and capture every moment in its entirety. Because the senioritis hit me pretty hard, she even got pictures of me with my friends (because none of us spent much time studying) and she also captured the pictures you see above. The garment above is from Express, and is the epitome of a statement dress. We decorated the bottle of champagne with glitter and adhesive, and it came out better than we expected!
While I am still trying to recover from the madness that was the last four years, I wouldn’t have changed a thing. I am grateful for everything I have experienced and it’s safe to say that I am officially a college alum!