My Go-To Airplane Outfit

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Hat: Nordstrom // Jeans: STS Blue // Duffel: Forever 21 (find similar here and here) // Boots: Charlotte Russe (find similar here and here)

Let me start this post by saying that I’m a classic pj-wearer when it comes to being in the airport. Maybe it’s because my parents brought us on a lot of international flights when I was little. No matter the reason, I was taught to dress comfortably. I also got it through my head that “I’d never see these airport people ever again” so why did it matter what I wore?! I was sadly mistaken.

Yes, you can dress comfortably when you’re traveling, and no, you don’t have to look like a Kardashian on a private jet, but you still have to leave your bunny slippers at home (I swear it never came to that past the age of 5… okay 8).

The type of traveler I have been lately is what I would call a “weekender”. I hop on a plane on Friday, and return no later than Monday morning. This means that the minute I land at my destination, I typically have somewhere to be. I can’t be in pajamas when I get there. Because of this I’ve started to look at my wardrobe and wear what looks chic, but is actually really comfortable. For not being a fleece onesie, that is.

Pants – Start with the comfortable pants. I usually wear some type of jeggings, or even leggings that look like they are pants. If they have buttons, zippers, or anything that gives the illusion of being fancier than they are, then you’ve got the right pair. Now on sale at Nordstrom Rack!

Top – I pretty much wear black all the time anyway, but it’s especially great for traveling. It holds zero wrinkles and hides little imperfections like the coffee stains I’m destined to get. I also choose a longer shirt that covers part of my backside. This is important if you are wearing true jeggings with no back pockets!

Shoes – I do one of two things. I either wear ballet flats, or I wear ankle booties and keep a pair of sandals  in my bag just in case. These boots are incredibly comfortable. I’ve worn them dozens of times so I wasn’t worried about them making my feet uncomfortable. They are a nice way to dress up a seemingly simple travel outfit.

Hat – Some of you are going to fight me on this, but I have to bring a hat with me everywhere I go. Although it’s impractical to wear it in an airport, there’s NO way I’m stuffing it in a suitcase! I would lose my mind of it got completely smashed in my suitcase. It’s also a great way to cover up my roots, which tend to get more oily when I travel.

Duffel – Find a duffel that fits your style and budget, and you’ll never let it go. I have a few duffel bags, but none that have gone on more trips than this one! It’s big enough to fit an entire weekend full of clothes. It’s also small enough to lug around on my shoulder and fit in an overhead bin on the airplane. Probably too large to be a true purse, it still pairs well with an outfit if you have to keep it with you most of the day.

The airport outfit is a breeze, now all you have to do is pack your bag! Read this post for a complete checklist for your next weekend getaway!

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