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G. H. Bass Products:  Windowpane Plaid Flannel  //  Sophia Reversible Mini Satchel

I always hated being the last to know something. If there was buzz about a celebrity couple, I didn’t care. But if skinny jeans were back in style, I wanted to be the first to know!

I don’t know how I missed out for so long but I just discovered G.H. Bass and their online factory outlet. Like the Nordstrom Rack of its own store, the factory outlet has the same great quality of the retail store, but at half the cost!

For everyday wear, G. H. Bass can be out of my price range. I grew up on hand-me-downs so as put together as I try to look, I’m a bargain shopper through and through. The G. H. Bass Factory Outlet, however, is right up my alley!

The best way I can describe G. H. Bass is to talk about the quality of their products. A sister store to Wilsons Leather, much of their bags also are made from 100% leather. They also boast about being great for the outdoors, so their flannels are incredibly warm. The brand carries several vests, coats and outer layers that are great for taking on adventures. I’ve only gone on a mild hike in this flannel (to keep it clean), but would pack it on a more substancial trip if need be.  It’s great for hiking in the fall, or under a vest and jacket in the winter.

My Latest Find

Unfortunately writing this post has me looking at their website again! I’ve already got my eye on a few of their other products like their Morrisa Satchel and Tote. (Pay special attention to the dimensions of their bags as they tend to run a tad smaller than they look online.)

The last piece I bought from their factory outlet was something from the men’s section. As most of you know I have entire Pinterest boards dedicated to my love of menswear. I snagged one of their Great Outdoors crewneck sweatshirts. Even though it’s rather baggy on me, it is warm enough to get me throug an Oklahoma winter!

Keep an eye out as the blog starts to gain more layers! I can’t wait until ski hats and duck boots make their first appearance for fall.


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