Friday Favorites #4
Anti-Stress Facial Mask

This mask is great for my skin! As I have said several times before, I have very oily skin.  Luckily, clay masks help me keep dirt and oil under control.  There is not actually any medicine in the mask so I suggest doing your normal routine of Proactive, Neutrogena, or what ever type of face wash you use.  This is just a nice addition to your weekly remedies and I usually slather it on when I’m chilling at home on Sunday nights! 
MAC lipgloss: Totally It   

I like this lipgloss because it isn’t sticky. It’s also a nice contrast to all the clear and nude lipglosses that I am so used to using every day.  There are several shades of MAC lipgloss that you can buy in mini tubes so you can test them out and see if you like the color! (I personally like this because I get bored with color very easily and am really bad about finishing a tube before I buy a new kind). 

Emi Jay Hair Ties 

One of my sisters actually got me hooked on these little beauties! The magic behind these hair ties is that they keep hair out of your face without creating a big crease in your hair. Also, when I’m studying late at night, I start to get headaches from typical hair rubber bands because they have to be wrapped around my hair so tight to make sure my hair stays. These hair ties do not do that.  There are dozens of colors (even leopard) and they are constantly coming out with new ones! 

Hope y’all get a chance to test out some of these goodies! Let me know what you think!