Favorite Morning Yoga Flows for 2020

It’s a new year! I’m starting to do a morning yoga flow each day as part of my new morning routine (more on that in a later post). I’m starting out with 10 minutes each morning to wake up my body and mind, and I want you to do join me!

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New And Improved

I don’t claim to be a yogi of any sorts, but I’ve always admired the discipline of those who practice yoga on a regular basis. While most of my exercises focus on cardio or muscle toning, I love supplementing a yoga workout for every 4-5 workout class. Why? It helps me stretch out my sore muscles and makes me feel stronger for the next spin or pilates class.

Easy Does It

This year, instead of being that person who only goes to a yoga class once a month, I’ve honed in on a new strategy. I’ve added a quick yoga flow to my morning routine Monday – Friday to improve my flexibility and overall mood at the start of each day.

I haven’t tried very many yet, but these are the ones that I’m really taking a liking to! Want to commit to a morning yoga flow with me? Try one of these each day this week and let me know how you like it!


Day 1

I’ve tried a few of Yoga With Kassandra’s videos and I really like them! She has several quick flows that really wake you up and help you jumpstart the day.

Day 2

This video really focuses on neck, shoulders and upper back. It’s a great way to loosen up any tension that I have from sleeping in a ball or uncomfortable position. Yoga With Adriene is great because she breaks her videos down into playlists! You can actually pick a practice by length, so if you’re wanting to jump into a 30 minute class or something longer, it’s really easy to find.

Day 3

She is cool because she breaks down playlists into 5, 10, 45 minutes

Yoga on the beach?! Heck yes! This is one of the more peaceful flow that I’ve tried and it’s perfect for when you wake up and need a reset. I don’t always feel like starting the day and this video gives me that jolt that I’m needing.

Day 4

One of the great things about Kassandra’s videos is how she takes her time explaining each post. I often need 5-10 more seconds in each post to stretch or breathe, and I like the pace at which she teaches.

Day 5

My last video is really good for Friday’s! Shona Vertue tends to move more quickly in her videos and I’m always a faster mover on Friday. I think I’m just so glad that it’s almost the weekend that I’m excited to get the day started. I particularly like this flow because she goes through the pigeon moves in a way that really stretches out my hamstrings, which loosens tension in my lower back.


Not all yoga flows are created equal but there’s something out there for everyone! Test a few videos out and let me know what you think.

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