My Favorite Mobile Apps for 2017

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As I was packing for my ski trip I was thinking two things.

1. Why does my ski coat take up the entire suitcase?

2. What am I going to do when I’m on the road and don’t have all of my work resources with me? This question pops into my head a lot when I travel, and I started to collect a few very useful apps for my devices as I hit the road.

Below are my favorite mobile apps of 2017

canva-elegance-quote Canva

I have a design degree, meaning I’m on Photoshop so much that I tend to get sick of it. Canva is the creative app for people who don’t have a design background, but still have an eye for graphics. I use this app for all of my TCD Shop Silhouette Quotes. I simply upload my TCD logo and place pretty text over it. Download the file and you’re done! It’s perfect for when I’m on the road and need a quick Instagram quote to stay on brand with my feed.


I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge fan of PayPal, but it seems like all the bloggers I know use it, so I’ve kept my mouth shut. I don’t typically use it for my Etsy shop, but it’s great for loop giveaways for blog babes. Just like with Amazon, I can’t sit on my computer all day and be ready to enter my credit card whenever I need to. Sometimes I’m at lunch or in a meeting and I need to post a payment or extra shipping labels. PayPal keeps me up to date with all of my payments and allows bloggers to venture in to money making possibilities once they start blogging as more than a hobby.

lightroom-app Lightroom

The entire Adobe Creative Suite can be daunting if you’ve never used it before, but Lightroom is all about editing photos and making them the best they can be. You’ve most likely seen social media feeds that have the same exact lighting in every photo. They probably use Lightroom! You can use one photo to create stock settings that you can then apply to all of your other photos to create one cohesive look for your brand. It takes time to learn the ins and outs of the program so CLICK HERE to get started!


I’d be crazy not to have the app on which I keep my blog. The Closet Dime blog uses a WordPress platform and it’s been wonderful. Without getting into the details of WHY I use WP, I’m just going to tell you HOW. I’m not perfect, people. That means I CAN’T spell! Every once in a while I’ll have a friend text me the day a post goes live. They typically tell me I have a typo, am missing a link in my post, or both! I’m rarely home when I get the memo and the app lets me quickly fix it while I’m out and about. I’m lucky to have friends who keep me in (spell) check! 😂


I should probably just have my direct deposit head straight into my Amazon Prime account because I’m on it every single day. Last minute packaging for my job, samples for the shop, anything I might need, it’s on Amazon. Craziest things I’ve purchased? A 30lb stuffed unicorn for my nieces! 

sell-on-etsy-app-pic Sell On Etsy

This app helps me in so many ways when I’m not at my desk. For starters, it notifies me when someone like or buys something in my shop. This means I immediately know what is going on in my shop at all times, and I can be sure to respond quickly to any inquiries that I may receive.

Did I miss something?

There are thousands of helpful mobile apps out there, but only some may be right for you. It took some beta testing for me to realize what I liked, and what programs worked best with my lifestyle. Make it a habit to keep only what you need in your arsenal, and you’ll be sure to get the most out of every single mobile app.