End Of Summer

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It’s the end of summer and I am incredibly sad about it!

I am “technically” a grownup now and do not have summers off but since I still act like a kid, I’m taking this whole thing pretty hard. Not having school in a week might seem like a good plan if you’re 15 and you hate high school, but I’m pretty bummed. I keep focusing on all of the great things I miss about back to school week.

All I did was work this week. I missed shopping for school supplies, comparing class schedules with my friends, and getting new clothes. I’m going to miss wearing all new outfits for the first five days then have “nothing to wear” for the rest of the year.

I was complaining to my sister about it and she had an excellent solution. We bought new calendars, I died my hair, and we saw all of our favorite summertime movies. It was amazing! It was the perfect end of summer treat before all of the back to school routines start up again. I’ve already been feeling the August vibes. Walmart is constantly packed and I couldn’t find paper to save my life. I also have beef with the people in line at Panera Bread. It is somehow already packed with college girls wearing oversized headphones “to help them study” in public. It’s a nightmare.

It’s a new season and I will most likely find something to complain about but I have a feeling my new calendar will be used for new blog posts!

At least you guys get to benefit from it.  🙂