Dress to Impress

Ever try to look professional without looking like a lawyer? As more internships, jobs and meetings come up, I am constantly looking for creative ways to look like a professional without settling with my style. I recently had a big meet and greet with a new team I am working with, and I wanted to look professional and casual. This is what I came up with.
As most of you guys know, my sister takes almost all of the photos on the blog. She’s incredibly talented and soooo patient with me when all I do is make funny faces or blink every other photo. I would be nowhere without her! She took all of the photos that you see above, but it never hurts to know more than one photographer, right? 
While I was at my meeting, one of my other talented friends took a headshot of me (shown below). My friend, Kristi, is a killer photographer and takes pictures for all kinds of events.
Photo by: Kristi Camara
Because of my blog, people often ask me if I know photographers to take pictures for them, and with graduation coming up, it’s been happening a lot. I’ve recommended Kristi to friends before and they have LOVED her work! If you need advice about clothes, pictures, how to dress or anything in between, just ask! I could talk all day long. 😉

The Chief Dime

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