Fashion Experiment

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I hope you guys can forgive the blogging hiatus that has been happening for the last several weeks! I’ve been traveling, moving apartments, trying to get my Etsy shop off the ground and about a thousand other little things like getting interviewed by Global Garbs, a website that specializes in fashionistas all over the world! It’s been a lot of small tasks like those that have really tweaked my wardrobe, so for this post, I really took the phrase “fashion experiment” to heart.

Because I’m constantly on the move, and my style is very fluid, I decided to get creative. I thought about what I would wear to a fancy brunch with the girls and then what I would wear on an errand day and I combined the two. For me, fashion is always about mixing lots of different pieces together to make it something new, and with masculine denim and feminine accessories, it actually seemed to fit together! This has to be one of my all-time favorite brunch shirts. Not just because I designed it myself (that’s only part of it) but because it is so comfortable and versatile. It’s the kind of piece you can dress up with a mini skirt or downplay with a pair of yoga pants (or boyfriend jeans, in this case). It’s the perfect combination of comfort and style that make this outfit work so well.

I’m not nearly close to freeing up my busy schedule, but summer is a time for adventure and reflection so I promise to update posts more often these next few months! In the mean time, I’m sure I’ll have another fashion experiment or two to test out. 😉