Dallas Wedding

Since it’s still incredibly warm for November, I don’t feel guilty for posting these photos so late!

Our family had a wedding in Dallas last month and I was so busy catching up on old posts that I completely forgot about these photos until now!

The weekend as told by a series of photos…

Instead of bouquets for the wedding ceremony, all the sisters decided to make flower crowns.


We went to a market and bought several bunches of flowers and twine, and I only got overwhelmed a few times (that’s pretty good for me). I have the opposite of a green thumb.

We even made a little baby flower crown for my niece!


She’s quite possibly the greatest kid in the world.

Until she decides to swing around the brides bouquet that we spent 30 minutes positioning.


But you can’t even be mad at her when she looks this cute!

Since the wedding was in Texas, it only made sense that we all wore our cowboy boots and lace dresses.


We also went to the Texas State Fair afterwards because as we said all weekend, “funnel cake is better than wedding cake.”


My sisters are the people I look up to the most in life. From the very beginning, they have been the biggest supporters of the blog, and are always there to lead me in the right direction.

And finally, my favorite photo of the entire weekend!


Weekends like this make my heart melt.