Creating A Custom Lip Gloss at MYX Blend Bar

Photo by Victoria Saperstein
Photo by Victoria Saperstein
Photo by Victoria Saperstein


My friend Victoria and I had the opportunity to go to the MYX Blend Bar this week and create our own lipsticks and lip glosses and it was so fun! If you don’t know anything about MYX, I’ve got the 4-1-1. Needing something fun to do? On a mission to recreate your favorite discontinued shade of lipstick? You will definitely find something to love in this magical and picturesque store.


What To Expect

If you’re looking for a fun gals day, hosting a bachelorette party or just want a perfect shade for an upcoming vacation, this spot is for you. When Victoria and I walked in we were blow away by all of the colors! Our beauty specialist greeted us and offered us water, bubbles (champagne) and a seat at the beauty counter. The counter was filled with beautiful bottles of every hue and shade we could dream up.

If you know me, you know that I do A LOT of research when it comes to beauty and skincare, so you know your girl had a list of Q’s ready to go!

The General Process

After our mini consultation, and sharing my goals for the lip gloss, we got to work. Since it was such a special day, I got very specific with what I was wanting. My dream product had to have moisture, shine, protective properties, pigment and much more! With an upcoming beach trip on the books, I thought a pop of coral/pink would be the perfect thing to add to my packing list. We added a bit of sparkle/shine, a plumping component and some SPF drops to protection my lips from the sun.

The Finishing Touches

Victoria and I then picked our finishing touches. She chose a vanilla extract scent, and I went for a mint scent. There were several scents to choose from and it was fun smelling all of them. I had to talk myself out of picking a fun one like carrot cake. It smelled so authentic!

When it was all said and done, we got to NAME them! Now, if I want to go back and get another tube, it’s all in my profile and ready to go. We had the best time chatting and learning about the beauty process. All in all, it was a smashing success and I would definitely recommend it for a fun day with the ladies!


P.S. I named my lip gloss DIME PIECE! I couldn’t help myself.  🙂 Head to my Instagram to watch the video of how we made the exact shade!

Photos by: Victoria Saperstein

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