Cream Dream

You may have noticed the huge time lapse between my last post and this little gem. 
 Or, maybe not. Maybe you don’t even read this blog at all, but if you do, I am very grateful that you decided to join me along my sporadic series of blog attempts.   

This beautiful woman is a mother, a foodie, and a huge part of my life.  
(That’s right, she has a baby and still manages to have cute hair!)
She let me snap a few pics of her cute outfit (in between her busy schedule of being Wonder Woman and all,) and I wanted to share them!

As you all know, I am obsessed with neutrals and this outfit is no exception.  The little ankle booties are to die for and show off the secret side zipper of her Forever 21 skinnies.  

I hope you all had an incredible new year and I promise to post (relatively) soon!

xo, TheClosetDime