The Closet Dime Shop – One Year Anniversary


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Skirt: Huxley and Harper, TCD Tank: I made it, DUH!, Sunglasses: Ilymix


Do you remember what you were doing April 12, 2016?


365 days ago I threw caution to the wind and opened up The Closet Dime Etsy Shop.

If you’ve read any other posts about the shop, you know I was mulling over the idea of having a store for over two years before taking the leap. But, I gotta say, thinking about it and actually doing it is a completely different feeling. It was easy to dream up my business, but difficult to open it. In hindsight, I was probably more hesitant than most when it came to opening day.

Let me break down the timeline for you:

Spring 2013: “Hmm, I want to start a blog.”

Summer 2015: “I need a legitimate website that rocks people’s socks off.”

Winter 2015: “I’m going to move across the country, tell only a handful of people, and start a small business.”


Told you I move slowly.

If you were one of the 9 people who ordered something in the first 24 hours, I can’t thank you enough. Every single one of you was a family member or friend who not only believed in me, but showered me with love and support while I pressed “publish” on a new chapter of my life. I will never forget what it felt like to package 12 shirts into TCD mailers as I nervously went to the Post Office for the first time. You should know that I’ve totally mastered it by know and the employees there practically know me by name. 😉

In case you were wondering, the nerves I had going into that magical day were worse than all of my toughest experiences COMBINED: swimming in my first state championship meet, taking the GRE and quitting my first job will never compare to what I felt on that fateful Tuesday.

I can’t thank all of my dimes enough. Truly, YOU are what make the shop something to celebrate. I have never felt more blessed or more loved in my entire adult life.

With love and gratitude,

Rachel — The Closet Dime


P.S. To my sister Meredith (who helps with The Closet Dime the most, an reads it the least — and will probably never read this post): You will never know how wonderful you have been the last 365 days as I have fought to follow my dreams. Thank you for letting me  drag you along for the ride. I love you.


The Chief Dime

Rachel Munson of The Closet Dime