Chasing Change + Chasing Summers

Changes come in all forms.

You can fight it or simply embrace it!

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In light of Labor Day quickly approaching, I am reminded of just how fast each season of your life can pass. My summer was filled with reflection and a myriad of wants and desires, but I’m just getting started.

After reflecting on what I want my life and my businesses to look like, I’m now forcing myself to be incredibly transparent about it. I want to streamline my life and make sure that each decision I make is something that makes sense for the future, and promotes growth in my own life.


I plan on doing this in a few ways.

Short Term

Little things like keeping my belongings tidy and not taking myself too seriously are high on the list. I always want to be the type of person who is flexible and can roll with the punches, but as many people have pointed out (rather recently), that’s not me! If I can get to a place where my life is in order, I can be better prepared to handle little surprises along the way.

As far as not taking myself too seriously, that requires quite an overhaul. My recent blog posts have been very honest, but I’m not finished with my transformation. To celebrate my imperfections and keep it as real as possible, I’m going to pop one “blooper” into each blog post. It’s not all rainbows and retouched photos, so why should I pretend it is?! Not only will doing this add a touch of humility to my life, but it’ll also help you guys better understand my personality and hopefully make it even more fun to visit


Mid Term

Since there are never enough hours in the day, I’m also streamlining how I work with companies, build my wardrobe and grow my personal style. Gone are the days (for the most part) where I will pick up nonessential pieces for my closet. I’ve started to look at what’s really missing from my wardrobe and trying to look for classic pieces that can be worn over and over again. I kept thinking I needed to fit into a specific category of purchaser because I have a blog, but honestly, if I like it, I’m going to wear it!

When I first hopped on Chasing Summers, I jumped right to how I could create an entire look in one place. It saves me time and I know I’m getting the same quality across the board from each piece. I was able to take four great pieces and create an entire look for a fun day at the pool, park or with friends.


Long Term

I’m honing in on my relationships and really trying to boost the quality of each one. Am I a good listener? Am I doing my part to encourage and lift up those around me? These are all things I’m focusing on as I look to the next phase of my life. Fall is a time for many holidays that promote family and togetherness and I don’t want to miss a single part of it.

As we all know, growth can be slow and sometimes painful. I’m okay with the speed at which it happens, but I plan to make it fun and on my terms.

As promised, here is the first official blooper of the blog! #TCDFails


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