Chambray All Day

Chambray is one of my favorite fabrics. If you don’t know off the top of your head what this is, you’ve probably come across it during the Spring and Fall months. Chambray looks a bit like denim, but feels different. It is a plain weave fabric that is woven with other, softer yarn, and with a white yarn in the weft. It’s typically softer than denim, and makes for great lightweight layers.

In the Fall I style long sleeve chambray shirts with vests and denim, but in the Spring, I wear it in shorter sleeves, and get to experiment with it a bit more.

When I see something I like, I buy it in every color. Check out the three most recent ways I’ve styled the same type of chambray shirt!


Blue Chambray

This has been the most popular look to style. I think it’s a combination of white skinny jeans ushering in Spring, and the fedora which ads a “cool factor” that people hope to achieve when the weather warms up. I’m pretty flat chested so I was able to get away with unbuttoning one more button than normal. Then, to add another element, I layered dainty gold jewelry.

Not feeling this exact buttoned shirt? Even if you don’t have this blue chambray shirt, save a few dimes by using a classic top and bottom and overloading on cute accessories to mix it up.


White Chambray

I’ll be honest with you and say this was the hardest shirt to style! After feeling like Dwight Schrute and a cater water, the third look finally stuck. Who would have though a white chambray shirt would be so hard to style?! I was even complaining about it to my sister over the phone and sending her very embarrassing photos.

This is the part of the lesson where I tell you to try a few things before you give up on an article of clothing! Find what’s bothering you about the look and change it up. When I noticed the shirt was unflattering with my chunky denim, I tied a knot and added jean shorts. This drew the attention to my legs instead of my collared shirt.


Striped Chambray

This is my favorite blouse (oh my goodness, it’s soft) but is definitely more of a unique style. The striped chambray shirt while technically a pattern, has the elements of a classic piece. You could absolutely wear it with the two looks above, or even tied up with a high waisted skirt.


If you find yourself struggling with an article of clothing that you want to like but just can’t figure out how to style it, JUST ASK ME! I love helping you find versatile ways to keep your clothes in rotation. You can comment below with questions or get an even faster response by messaging me on Instagram. Trust me, a cute outfit is just one cater waiter look away. 🙂