My Carryon Makeup Bag


I just boarded a plane headed for sandy beaches and salty waters! As I was packing for a fun-filled weekend full of friends and junk food, I realized that I was flying Allegiant. You know, the airline that has you pay for every single item you bring on the plane! Having been raised by bargain hunter parents, I wasn’t about to pay for a carryon AND a check through, so I devised a plan on how I could still look similar to my blog photos without half of my normal beauty products. Everyone, meet my carryon makeup bag.

Keep in mind that my routine is pretty simple most days, but when it’s the weekend, or when photos are involved, I whip out the stay-all-day products and make the cosmetic companies proud. Believe it or not, what you see above is what I am bringing on my weekend trip.

Smashbox: Photo Finish Foundation Primer – This stuff is gold. Like pure, pure gold. I rub it all over my face, chin and neck (avoiding my eyebrows ever so carefully) and it makes all the difference. It create a poreless finish to my skin and gives a smooth blank canvas before I put on any type of color (BB cream, foundation, etc.). I rarely splurge on this product because Smashbox is always passing out samples, but I buy the (much cheaper) full size ULTA brand primer for everyday applications. It works just as well!

Maybelline: Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation – Primer helps me get that poreless start, but my oily skin can still cause my makeup to fade after time. Because of this, I still buy color that advertises poreless qualities like this Maybelline foundation!

The Balm: Lip and Cheek Cream Palette – This product us a two-for-one piece of magic. I’m not a huge wearer of blush, but I love a good lip and cheek tint because it’s so subtle, that the product looks good on two areas of your face. I love the shade “Pie” because even though it looks bright in the tin, the formula is so creamy that it doesn’t apply to brightly.

Benefit:  Hide and Sheen Concealer/Highlighter – I rarely wear concealer because I tend to think it brings more attention to the bags under my eyes. This duo pack, however, is a neutral color that doesn’t try too hard to cover anything up. It also has a highlighter side that can be used to brighten up the corners of my face. I use it on the bridge of my nose, above the arches of my eyebrows and on my cupids bow. It works great!

Smashbox: Full Exposure Mascara – Just like with their primers, Smashbox is always passing out samples which I stock up on and keep in my car (bad, I know) or in travel kits that I often leave at my sisters houses. I’m not married to this mascara, but it’s voluminous and doesn’t clump when it gets old. Pro tip: Even when I don’t use this mascara, I use their Photo Finish Lash Primer.  It sets up my lashes to look lengthened and doesn’t make them sticky like lash primers I’ve used in the past.

I know that was a lot of information for one post, but it needed to be shared! Although it seems complicated in the beginning, thoughtfully picking a few products can save you time and space in the future.

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