Call It Spring

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Did you guys know I’m on Spring Break right now? While It’s technically still pretty chilly outside, I still like to call it spring.

Wearing shorter sleeves and praying for the sun to come out is just one way I can look forward to another fun summer (kind of like doing a rain dance, but the opposite effect). This denim on denim ensemble is a mix of old and new because I’ve done the whole denim on denim thing before, but never with such a versatile button up blouse.

I decided to buy the top in a size bigger than normal with the intention that I would be able to unbutton the bottom button, and tie the shirt tails into a knot. It made the shirt more fun without looking too western or showing too much skin. Watch the silly video here and show me how you guys style your over-sized shirts!


Need more ways to get TheClosetDime blue into your everyday wardrobe? Try these products!

**Maybe don’t wear all of them at the same time. 🙂

Ulta nail lacquer in “bam-blue-zled” // Ray-Ban Aviators in ‘blue flash’ // Kate Spade Studs // Jelly Shoes in ‘blue skies’ 


So, when is it too early to call it spring? I say never.


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