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I shared a little bit about how we asked our bridesmaids to be in the wedding several weeks ago, but now that we are finally married, I can share some of the other little details you all were wanting to see!

I knew I wanted some sort of robe for the day of the wedding. Every little detail was decided around being comfortable, and settling my nerves on that special day! I went went these gorgeous palm print robes because I knew they wouldn’t be sheer, and would pop in photos. They also looked STUNNING on my bridesmaids and came in children’s sizes for my adorable little flower girls!



It was all about the little details that day. While I wanted to keep things simple and have very little color at the actual wedding, we chose an outdoor venue that had beautiful trees and foliage. This made my choice for dark green an easy one. I added gold finishes and a pop of green here and there, and that was it! My mom found my wedding shoes (on sale!) and I got a velvet ring box from Amazon to hold the rings (comes in a BUNCH of colors).

Everything else was fairly simple. My sister gave me her old pearls years ago (and Shawn complements them all of the time) so they became my “something old” and I still wear them to this day! It was nice to have a few things that made me feel like myself that day, when I was surrounded by so many changes.

If I could give you one piece of advice when picking little details like this it would be to just BE YOURSELF! Most people won’t notice the knick knacks, but they’ll mean something to you when you look back years later.


The day was a whirlwind from the moment I put on my lace robe. It was as if wearing white (even when it wasn’t my wedding dress) symbolized all of the changes that were about to happen. They were cut out of most of the photos, but I was wearing house slippers almost the entire day. 🙂 It was important to be comfortable and feel like myself!

Almost every other detail was a last minute decision. I talked about this on Instagram quite a bit, but I wanted to be very careful with how I spent the wedding budget. I knew if I went online and ordered a bunch of decor several months out from the wedding, I’d probably either forget about it or change my mind. It wasn’t until a month before (erm, more like two weeks!) that I bit the bullet and bought a few things from Hobby Lobby when everything was 50% off. I got a cake topper, table numbers, an “unplugged” sign and a few things to decorate our chairs. That’s it!

You don’t need a lot of decor to make a statement. Find a few items that add value to the space, and forget about the rest.

And lastly, DON’T LET THE STRESS GET TO YOU. There will be dozens of little things that can either ruin your day if you let it, or just be a faint memory. Focus on those precious moments with your flower girls as you give them their gifts, not on things like the appetizers being properly passed around. Trust me, you can do this!


A HUGE thank you to ModParty for providing us with robes for my special day!



Photography by Epic Photography
Bridesmaid robes by ModParty
My getting-ready robe by ModParty
Bridesmaid dresses (they all got to choose their own from different stores!)
Flower Crowns by DDazzling
Event Coordinator: Evergreen Events, LLC
Wedding dress by Brilliant Bridal



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