Big Little Lies

Ever feel like television is rotting your brain? Me neither, but I did make a bet with myself that I could read at least twelve books this year. Here goes nothing!

Book #1 – Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty

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My interpretation of Big Little Lies.

The book takes place on the Pirriwee Peninsula of Australia, where 5 beautiful women live their lives as mothers, friends and business women. I have to be a little vague in this synopsis, because a murder takes place and I’m not about to give away the ending! Basically, each woman has more to hide under their blonde hair or gorgeous silk dresses. No amount of bright lipsticks or boardroom titles are able to make up for the secrets that these women keep every day.

The HBO Mini Series

Before you ask, no, the new mini series that just aired does not stick to the book. There are of course several similarities, but it doesn’t do the book justice (I hate that I’m saying this, since I rarely read books, but it’s the truth). If you watch the show, you may not fully grasp why these women are the way that they are. You have to read the book in its entirety to see the full circle of their lives and understand how a woman may not have 100% fulfillment from her spouse, job or children. I realize I don’t have two out of the three right now, but I’m still a woman and I think I have a pretty good grasp on what the author is trying to convey.

** Also, the show can get pretty violent, so it’s really not for kiddos. **

Moriarty does an excellent job of making the reader second guess what he/she would do given the current situation. It’s a thrilling story that has you wondering all the way to the end exactly what happened on that fateful night. Even if you’re not a reader, I highly recommend this book. It’s gripping and sad, but has elements of joy and closure that not all books seem to give the reader.

Can’t shake your tv shows just yet? Start watching some of these crowd favorites and ease into books slowly by testing out the page turner I just described!

What’s next on my book tour?

Hint: It involves sleep.

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