Behind The Closet Dime Shop

Delivering my very first TCD Etsy orders on April 12, 2016!

Now that I’ve bombarded social media with countless posts of me half-grinning and half-mouth open inhaling, I thought I’d come back down from cloud 9 and be serious for two minutes. You guys might be wondering about the backstory behind The Closet Dime Shop and how this all started in the first place. Since I don’t have a memoir going, I thought I’d say in one page what I would have said in one book.

Ready go!

With anything new and exciting, I want to remain as practical as my brain and heart will allow. I’m diving in head first, but I’m wearing a sparkly motorcycle helmet and safety goggles to start with. This means that I’m only selling 3 designs over 5 shirts. Am I already designing more goodies? You betcha! But I have to get off on the right foot and need the awesome support that I KNOW you guys are capable of giving!

I have a budget the size of a toddler and have to sell shirts to make more awesomeness for you peeps. This is why I’ve started small and priced everything the way it is. I realize this isn’t the most interesting part of the startup, but it’s only fair that you guys understand why I’m making the decisions that I am. Every concept/idea/business model has been carefully mulled over and been covered in prayer and sleepless nights. We’re talking about my passions here so I thought it deserved some TLC!

The Closet Dime wearing the signature Coffee, Blog, Sleep, Repeat shirt.

The Closet Dime wearing the signature Coffee, Blog, Sleep, Repeat shirt.

This is about so much more for me than just selling shirts, this is about me learning what I want to do with my life. I’m learning about good business sense, how not to communicate with customers, what to do when I stop loving what I’m doing and want to try something new. All of that has turned into this wild experience where I learn something new everyday (even if it’s a painful learning experience). The shop is a way for me to experiment with skills that I have and ideas that I love. It’s not something that will grow into a million dollar brand overnight, and that’s just fine by me.

It’s an exciting time for me and I’m glad you guys are so generous with your time and support! Keep an eye out for new designs and more info behind The Closet Dime Shop.

If you’ve ever have any questions just ask!