Behind The Clothes

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Recently I was asked to describe my style to someone who wouldn’t know anything about me. It was a simple question but it really got me thinking. With all of the social media floating around and having a blog where I post only flattering looking photos, it’s no wonder people do’t ever get to see the real person behind the clothes!

My style fluctuates depending on the weather (and which Nancy Meyers film I’ve seen most recently) but ultimately it stays the same: as simple as possible. I live in my chambray shirt more often than not, and even though I wear globs of mascara on the blog, I’m rarely ever wearing make up on a week day.

I’m aiming for a Summer of Simplicity for the next chapter of my life and the clothes are sure to match the theme. I will be traveling, working on my Etsy shop, and teaching group fitness classes all in little to no make up, and light layers just like the ones above. If you were ever unsure of the dime behind the clothes, you’ll get a much better idea of her this summer!

Currently wearing: Lou & Grey

Currently reading: John Ortberg

Currently drinking: Archer Farms Coffee