August Beach Roundup

I can’t believe summer is practically over! We took one last vacation and it was a blast. Since most of what I brought is still in stock, I’m sharing an August beach roundup for y’all. Happy reading!

Swimsuit: Brown – size S – wearing Hot Pink here // Visor // Shorts: size 2 // Sunglasses

The bikini runs TTS but it’s cheeky! It also comes in several colors and I definitely stocked up. The top has padding and the straps are not adjustable but it’s very flattering on so many body types. I’m wearing the hot pink color here!


Swimsuit: Black – size S // Visor in Khaki // Earrings // Sunglasses

The suit is cheeky if you have a long torso and the straps are not adjustable. They do have cups, however and I love the little gold rings on the straps! It’s a perfect classic swimsuit that could be worn again and again. The visor packs really well! It can be wrapped in itself and has a small elastic loop to keep it together so it’s less likely to get smashed in your suitcase.

Satin Cami Dress: Burnt Orange – size XS // Sweater: linked similar // Earrings

I love this dress because it’s simple and versatile. It is a true burnt orange, and not as bright as it looks in the photos above. We were about to take photos when the sky got completely dark and started to storm. We got almost no photos and I had to brighten them up quite a bit. I bought also bought it in black! The dress runs TTS but has no stretch whatsoever. The straps are adjustable and there is one long zipper down the back of the dress. I didn’t have any problems, but check the dimensions if you’re especially curvy or have longer legs.


Loungwear set: Beige – size S // Sunglasses

This set comes in a bunch of colors and also has long sleeve and short sleeve options. I got my true size and like it a lot, but I saw several people rave about getting it oversized and baggy. Unless you’re just wearing it around the house, I don’t see a need to size up. I also styled it with an oversized denim jacket for dinner the other night and it was so cute!

Description of all SPF products here here // Use code THECLOSETDIME20 on the new 7 Summers perfume!

I love a beach bag full of summer goodies! I wrote an entire blog post breaking down the SPF products on the left, but here’s what you need to know. Find some skincare with SPF that you love, and actually wear it! I’ve been loving the EltaMD UV Clear formula because it’s great for acne-prone skin. I then top it off with the Sweat Cosmetics translucent SPF powder and I’m good to go!

The other honorable mentioned is this perfume from DIME Beauty. It’s clean formula makes me feel good about what I’m spray onto my body, and the scent is perfect for summer. It’s also supposedly a perfect dupe for the Baccarat Rouge 540 perfume.


Linen shirt: size 4 // Shorts: size 2 // Cropped tank: size S // Bracelets: gold

This was one of my favorite mornings. We were all hopping in the car but before we did, Shawn and I went down to the beach and spotted dozens of baby crabs. I had him snap this pic of me before everyone flooded the beach and took all the chairs. I love a good linen shirt and it’s something I wear all year long! These are also the denim shorts that I’ve dedicate an entire Instagram Guide to, showing several ways to style them.

The Chief Dime

Rachel Munson of The Closet Dime