All Things Dallas

Hello darlings!

Shame on me for not writing in so long (I am kicking myself as we speak).  The only excuse that I have is that I just got back from Dallas which brings me to the reason for this post.  If you haven’t been to Texas, you are missing out.  The purpose of my visit was to see one of my sisters and it ended up being a full fledged family reunion before the end of it. Confused? I’ll start from the beginning. My younger sister and I didn’t have school on Friday or Monday so we wanted to use the 4-day weekend to our advantage.  When my dad found out that we were running away to Dallas, he got jealous and got himself a plane ticket! Of course when dad comes so does mom.  So we’re at 4 people visiting my sister in Dallas right? WRONG! It also happened to be my other sisters anniversary so she and her husband were going back to where they tied the knot (outside of Dallas).  It was a weekend to remember by the end of it!

The lovely sisters watching our OKstate cowboys stomp TCU!!

We did too many fun things to count (all included food) but I am going to name a few to make all of you reading super jealous that you aren’t partying it up in Texas on the weekends.

We first went to Klyde Warren Park and walked around until we saw the cutest old man ever next to a board game cart.  Apparently, if you give him your ID to hold, you can pick from his cart of games and play for free on the little park tables!  Coming from a competitive family, we obviously chose Jenga and  because we’re all right handed, we decided to use only our left hand to “spice things up” (pretty sure we all lost on that one!).

By far the best restaurant we went to was LARKonthepark which was located right on Klyde Warren.  My sister and I ordered duck and lamb, shared both, and were stuffed by the end of the night. If you’re not a fan of meet, they have several delicious options from which you can choose.  Another cool aspect of the LARK is that they have huge chalk boards (and if you’ve read any of my ChalkTalks you know how much I love chalk boards!!) in the restaurant and have local artists come and show off their art on the walls. My sisters friend is a dress designer and while we were there some of her designs were beautifully sketched on the walls.

Now for the main event! In my opinion, the Texas State Fair is probably the best state fair in the country. The food is impeccable and it would probably be easier for me to list the things that I didn’t eat, but where is the fun in that?

On the way home we listed everything that we ate and this is what we could remember (we probably forgot a few calories here and there): fried zucchini, cheesy jalapeno sausage dog (footlong), frozen lemonade and frozen Arnold Palmers, fried oreos, fried gator, grilled gator, cotton candy, french fries, boudin balls and bacon pretzel rolls.  It is also important to point out that we had breakfast and lunch before and a small dinner when we got home from the fair.  (Yea, we go hard).

Big Tex sportin’ his cowboy boots

I hope y’all get a chance to check out the beautiful city at some point in your life!