Add A Layer, Shed A Layer: How To Pile It On

It’s that time of year again! Time to bring out jackets, coats, scarves and anything else to make us look put together while staying as warm as possible. Even though it’s been unseasonably hot this year, I’ve still managed to layer up a few times without feeling overdressed, and I’ve started a method to approach my outfits.


1. Begin with a base

Whether it’s a long-sleeve tee shirt or sweater, jeans or jeggings, wear something simple and wear it fitted!



2. Add an accessory

Even if it’s not a bubble necklace like the one below, add a unique accessory to fit your personality. Here are a few other ideas: beanie, ear muffs, headband.



3. The outer layer

It wasn’t cold enough to add a jacket, but any type of outer layer will do. This is why I suggested wearing something fitted in the beginning of the post. You want your outer layer to fit in a snug way to keep you warm, and the more fitted everything is, the less you’ll look like the Michelin Man (no thank you).



4. Scarf, scarf, scarf

Blanket, infinity, tee shirt: all awesome choices when adding a scarf to your outfit. My opinion? The chunkier the better!


Well, I have a feeling this will be an annual post so if you haven’t had a chance to read last year’s “add a layer, shed a layer” post, be sure to read it here!