A Tall, Grande, and Venti Look

For a while now I’ve been tossing around the idea of an outfit that can be created on a small, medium, or large budget. A tall, grande, venti look, if you will. 😉 Why would I make a look for more when I could find it for less, you ask? Well, everyone has a different budget in mind when shopping. Not only that, but several of my readers are entering their 30s and looking for quality staple wardrobe pieces, and that’s going to cost you more than $29.99!

I feel like by budget is a little of everything. I spend small bucks on accessories, medium bucks on staples, and large bucks on classics! Don’t get bogged down on what everyone else is doing. I break it down by price, but I could easily wear the denim from the “grande” section with a tank from the cheap seats! You do you, and HAVE FUN with this exercise! I certainly loved writing this post for you guys, and I hope you love reading it!

Tall Budget – The $82 Look

It’s not easy to find a look under $100 these days. Especially one that can be worn time and time again and keep its quality intact! The trick to getting looks for less is to stick to the basics. Solids instead of prints make your outfit look more expensive and keep your wardrobe options versatile so you can mix and match as much as possible.

Another trick to remember? Styles can be duplicated! If you see a beautiful silhouette sold at Nordstrom, you can bet Old Navy will carry something similar before long. A good example of this would be a pair of distressed mom jeans. Now that they’re in style, every brand carries them at their own price point!

You can also get things for cheap by shopping at Nordstrom Rack instead of Nordstrom, and waiting for brands like Levi’s to collaborate with stores like Target. The jeans that I’m wearing in the above photo are a pair of Levi’s, but since they’re sold in Target, the price is market way down!

Ribbed Tank $8 Distressed Denim $30 Sandals $23 Sunglasses $17 Scarf $4

Grande Budget – The $336 Look

This price range is more my speed! I don’t necessarily spend this much on any one look, but I am shifting to the “better quality but fewer pieces” as I get older. I want fewer pairs of denim, but pairs that I love so much I wear weekly and that won’t fall apart or stretch out after every wear. Again, if you want quality denim that won’t stretch out in a couple weeks, you’re going to need to spend more than $20. I live in these Levi’s and I style them with just about everything in my closet!

Things to note: This denim is on sale for $65 during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and use code THECLOSETDIME15 for a discount on the sunnies!

Ribbed Tank $30 Distressed Denim $98 Sandals $90 Sunglasses $108 Scarf $10

Venti Budget – The $704 Look

After you recover from the sticker shock, you’ll realize that any one item from this look is actually fairly doable. Remember what I said above about finding quality denim? While a $200 pair can seem steep, it truly is a piece that will last you years. Footwear is another place that can eat up a bunch of your budget and still be worth it. While I can’t justify $200 sandals on my current budget, I would absolutely invest in a quality pair of heels, winter boots or staple shoe that I knew I’d keep in great shape. Again, we’re going for versatility here, people1

Ribbed Tank $80 Distressed Denim $225 Sandals $198 Sunglasses $176 Scarf $25

Well, there you have it! One look for your tall, grande, or venti budget. The beauty of fashion is that you can recreate almost any look no matter what’s in your wallet. Still not convinced? Leave a comment below or pop over to Instagram and ask for my help! My closet is always open. 🙂

The Chief Dime

Rachel Munson of The Closet Dime