First Snow


So it wasn’t technically the first snow of the season, but seeing as I was in Florida last month, it was the first snow that I participated in and MAN was it cold!

I was chilling (literally) with my sister in the morning and we walked outside completely surprised to see snow! We took a few pictures and promptly walked back in the house because we were in no way wearing enough layers to get through the day. I’m wearing one of my many signature long sleeve shirts from Old Navy (TIP: get one in every color), and you can find this vest at almost any boutique right now (they’re all over the place).

I’m not quite adjusted to the cold weather, but I do love all of the accessories that come with such a drastic climate change! Get ready for all the hats, scarves and boots I can get my hands on!

The Chief Dime

Rachel Munson of The Closet Dime