7 Looks to Wear on Thanksgiving Day + What to Gift Bring the Host

Wether you’re the guest or host this holiday season, you want to put your best foot (or sweater) forward! Below you’ll find seven adorable outfits to try for all of your Thanksgiving Day turkey comas. Not sure what to bring the host? I include that in the post too! Below each styled look, you can see the best gifts to bring the host of all kinds of thanksgiving, friendsgiving and holiday events.

What are you waiting for?!

Camel + White Coloring

I can’t get enough of this color palette! It looks great on all hair colors, and everyone from Meghan Markle to Meyrl Streep to the lady next door. For all those warm weather babes, you can opt for a sleeveless sweater or cream colored blouse. Instead of a coat, mix in the camel coloring in your shoes, jewelry or even hair accessories.

FOR THE HOST: This is a great look to go from event to event. Pulling a “4 Thanksgivings” like the Gilmore Girls? Keep a few holiday wreaths in your trunk to present to each host! You can never have enough holly and greenery during the holidays.



Oversized Sweater + Leather Leggings

Keep it classy when you head to a friendsgiving that is heavy on the spiked cider and light on the stuffing. Your outfit is sure to land on Instagram so opt for a more chic look and keep the turkey gobbles to a minimum!

FOR THE HOST: A bottle of wine is always appreciated at these types of events. You can also opt for something like a Volcano candle or even a trendy piece of decor for the upcoming season.


Image taken from ‘Nice Clothes, Nicer Price’ blog post: https://theclosetdime.com/nice-clothes-nicer-price/


Plaid Cape + Over The Knee Boots

I’ve always loved a good cape! I work from home and have a blanket wrapped around me most of the time. I love that a cape is basically a way to wear a blanket and somehow look chic. Whoever made that rule is a genius and I am forever grateful. I’d wear this look almost anywhere, but the boots definitely make it dressy. Don’t attempt this style if you’re going to be on your feet all day. Test this look out on a few holiday parties that may last only a couple of hours.

FOR THE HOST: Since you’re in and out, you don’t need to bring much to this type of party. I’d shoot for something simple like an air plant. Order a few in advanced, or pick one up at a local grocery store/garden center on the way!


Denim Jack + Skinny Jeans

Is it me or is this such a fun and funky look for Thanksgiving? I’d also style this look for a casual friendsgiving with a few pals who don’t fret over outfits.

FOR THE HOST: The point of having best friends is that you don’t have to drop as much dough to show you care. Grab a few Italian sodas, wrap them in some canvas wine totes, and voila, you’re done! P.S. Use code “DIMEPIECE” for 15% off your order on The Closet Dime Etsy shop!



Mini Skirt + Cropped Sweater

One of my favorite looks of the season is this mini skirt and cropped sweater! It’s feminine without being too revealing, and the added look of tights makes it all the more festive. In a warmer location for Thanksgiving? Avoid the tights and use a thinner sweater or long sleeve shirt.

FOR THE HOST: I’d wear this look just about anywhere, but probably only if I was a guest, not a host. (You don’t want to bend over to check the oven every hour in a skirt! Plus, the hat is great for an outdoor setting.) Another great host gift for any holiday party is a decorative bottle stopper or festive tea towels.


Oversized Sweater + Skinny Jeans

It’s time to roll up those sleeves and get to cooking! I usually go for a more cozy look when I head to a family members house. I know I’ll be “helping” ( aka taste-testing) in the kitchen and I want to keep it casual.

FOR THE HOST: Pie, pie and more pie! Or some other dessert to help lighten the load of your sweet, sweet grandmother who has spent all day prepping the honey ham. These mini pumpkin pies are about the cutest thing you could bring for the guests!


Dress + Over The Knee Boots

This, again, would be for those babes in warmer locations. Don’t fret about not being able to wear sweaters and peacoats like the rest of us! You can still focus on fall-themed colors and feel in the spirit of the holiday. To make it feel more festive, add a hat and boots to an already cute dress! You’ll get the “fall layers feel” without actually going overboard.

FOR THE HOST: You’re stylish and trendy and you just want to give cute gifts! If you’re not into baking, decorating or anything to do with traditional host gifts, GO FOR SOMETHING FUN! Play up your own style and get them something unique like a floral apron or a custom makeup bag from Etsy. All makeup bags ship FREE this month in our shop!


Well, this post was exhausting! I gave y’all as many good ideas as I could to make sure you have the best holiday ever. Still have more questions? Need more specific tips? Just ask! I’m always trying to make my looks and advice as accessible as possible.

A few of you have reached out over Instagram recently and I’ve loved helping you with curling your hair, looking for coats and dressing for your body. Don’t be bashful when it comes to chatting!

I hope your Thanksgiving prep is focused on food, fellowship and being thankful for every day.

The Chief Dime

Rachel Munson of The Closet Dime