5 Ways to Make Your Wedding Anniversary Special

Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life, and in a flash, it’s suddenly over. I remember thinking back to one year ago and realizing how quickly everything happened that day. We were blessed to be around family and friends, but a lot of the little details of September 14, 2019 have escaped me.

Now that we’ve survived the first year of marriage, it’s time to celebrate! We wanted to make the first anniversary special, and use this time as a way to pay homage to that special day. Below are a few things we do to make our wedding anniversary special.

Wear the same outfits

Wether it’s your shoes, his tie, or a combination of things, try to incorporate those memories into your anniversary day. I wanted to make the day special so my goal is to wear my wedding shoes on every anniversary in the future. I also wear the same earrings I wore and wore white dresses all weekend. It’s a fun way to feel like a bride again and remember back on all the ways you had fun during your wedding.

Use the same makeup/skincare/perfume

Scents are strongly imbedded in memories and I wanted to incorporate those things into our anniversary. I wear the same perfume and even use the same skincare that I used on our honeymoon. Any time I use these things, I’m immediately taken back to that special time of our relationship when we felt like true newlyweds! I also have things around like eucalyptus, because it was sprinkled all over our wedding. Pro tip: Get your ring cleaned the week of your anniversary so it’s extra sparkly!

Eat your wedding cake!

This is by far the best part of celebrating your first year of marriage. Tradition states that you save the top layer of your wedding cake, freeze it, and eat it on your one year anniversary. How fun is that?! We actually got a brand new mini cake from our baker, but the idea is the same. Treat yourself to the wedding cake you had just one year before. We had snickerdoodle cake and it was one of the best tasting cakes I’ve ever eaten.

Listen to your wedding playlist

Truth be told I do this more than once a year. I often listed to our wedding playlist when I’m getting ready for a date night, but I especially like it for anniversaries. When Darlene Love comes on the stereo with “The Boy I’m Gonna Marry” I’m immediately taken back to dancing in the bathroom with my bridesmaids before the ceremony. It’s all those little moments from the wedding day that really make it special for me.

Watch the wedding video

We decided to keep our wedding video private and I’m so glad we did. It captured so many details from that day and we really cherish having it documented. Even if you’re not big on celebrating, buy some snacks, plop on the couch and watch the video that captured all that love in a matter of minutes. Don’t have video? Look at the photos or stationary from that day instead!

Life happens so fast and as excited as I am to look forward, I love thinking back and remembering what it felt like to be a bride. Take a moment each anniversary and reflect on all the love that came from such a special time in your life.

Photos taken by Epic Photography

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