5 Days of Workout Clothes

Exercising in public can be daunting. Even when you muster up the courage to show up at a group fitness class, if you have no idea what to expect, it’s difficult to get into a good rhythm. Most people don’t know what to wear when they go to an exercise class for the first time. If you accidentally wear the wrong thing to a spin class, it could be catastrophic. I’m talklin’ major problems if you get a wedgie and can’t fix it from the front row!

Below you’ll find 5 days of group fitness classes and what to wear for each of them. Sometimes all you need is a little fitness inspiration to get to the gym and I’m here to help!


Monday: Spin



What to Wear: track shorts, sports bra, Dri Fit tee, towel, thick sneakers

Listen to me very carefully. If you can handle a spin class, you can handle anything that the gym throws at you. Even those hip hop classes where you feel like a floppy seal with zero rhythm.

I don’t know why but I swear by anything Dri-Fit when I take spin classes. Even more than wearing a tank top, I need those extra wicking properties. I also don’t like tight fitted tanks that stick to my body. If you’re new to spin, I’d recommend wearing a thicker tennis shoes because my feet tend to cramp in the stirrups when I don’t spin regularly enough to get into a good routine.


Tuesday: Core & More



What to Wear: high intensity sports bra, Nike shorts, tennis shoes of your choice

This is both my favorite and least favorite class! There’s something about being in a room full of people that makes you finish out that 90 second plank when you couldn’t complete a 20 second one in your own home. I actually wear a long sleeve shirt when I take this class. No, I’m not crazy. These classes tend to focus on abs and less cardio, and I try to keep my arms warm with long sleeves and my legs free for bicycle kicks with Nike shorts. Get ready to move around in this class, and be sure you tightly secure your hair!


Wednesday: Barre



What to Wear: leggings, mid weight sports bra, tank, mat

Optional: barre socks, 3 lb weights

This day is cheating for me because I actually teach the barre class at my fitness studio. That means that anything I decide to wear is all of the sudden the “proper class attire” for the day. 🙂

Many barre classes differ from each other but if you wear a tank/tee and some type of legging material, you’re golden. Most barre studios should provide everything you need for a solid workout, and a yoga mat is typically included. I shy away from barre socks because I never really needed them and it’s one more thing to remember to put in my gym bag at 6AM. See what I pack for a trip the gym here.

Never tried barre before? Test the class out here!


Thursday: Yoga



What to Wear: leggings, light weight sports bra, fitted tank yoga mat

Optional: fitted jacket/long layer, stability block

I don’t pretend to be a yogi, but I truly love taking the classes. If nothing else, it’s a great way to stretch out after a long week of work and other exercise classes. I often start with a jacket or longer layer over my tank, and then transition into just the tank top after the class warmup. Like with most classes it really is the type exercise that takes practice. It has helped my balance and stability for barre classes, and reduces my lactic acid build up from spin and core classes.


Friday: Total Body



What to Wear: high intensity sports bra, light weight tennis shoes 

Most core classes are similar, but differ with each fitness instructor. I’d recommend trying out several instructors and then finding the person that works best for you and your schedule. Not everyone is going to find burpees their cup of tea! One instructor that I have taken a liking to has a background in pilates so she is very wise about the movements she has us perform. This means that while I still feel tired at the end of the class, I’m not worried that her squats will damage my knees. Talk to your instructors and get to know them! They are a great resource and truly want to help you reach your goals.

Bottom line: figure out what works best for you. Do I take 5 fitness classes every single week? Don’t joke. I do however like to mix it up and stay active whenever I can!

If you have any other questions about what to wear to certain fitness classes, comment below and I’ll try to answer them.

And remember, good things come to those who sweat!

The Chief Dime

Rachel Munson of The Closet Dime