5 Cool Girl Summer Sunscreens for Your Face

I love trying new products as much as the next person, but I have my limits. It’s annoying to spend money on SPF goop only to find out you hate it! Below you’ll find the cream of the crop when it comes to SPF. Read my take on the top 5 summer sunscreens for your face!DSC_2526DSC_2510DSC_2533

Shown L-R: Clinique // IPKN New York // Alba Botanica // Coola // Peter Thomas Roth


Super City Block – The most “makeup-like” of the bunch, this product is meant to be used as a daily protector. The title gives me the impression that even city dwellers need a little SPF in their routine. It has a light cream tint to it, and is oil-free, but not mineral based. My face had a small layer of shine to it, and I dabbed powder over my face to buff out the shine. SPF 40

IPKN New York

Pore Apple Sun Cream – Like the title suggests, it has a fresh apple scent. The smell doesn’t stay on all day, but it’s better than smelling like a coconut in a shared cubicle. Having a cream-based formula makes it feels thicker than most other face sunscreens. It is still “fluffier” than a typical suntan lotion for your body which I like. It great to keep it in my bag when I’m on the go. SPF 40

Alba Botanica

Emollient Lip Care -I’m applying this chapstick as I type to be able to give it a true review for you guys! The formula is waxy, but still goes on smoothly. There isn’t a flavor on the packaging, but I think it has a hint of mango to it. I use chapsticks all day, and there is SPF in half of them. While don’t use this brand every day, if I’m running errands or will be outside, I keep it on me. It’s definitely one of the better buys for the price! SPF 25


Classic Cucumber – My favorite liquid SPF of the bunch, Coola knocks it out of the park. The mild cucumber scent makes your face feel fresh and it doesn’t feel sticky after application. The one thing I will say is that Coola now carries a tinted mineral product that is similar. I imagine I would like the mineral formula a bit more, but this was the product I received so I made it work. SPF 30

Peter Thomas Roth

Instant Mineral SPF Powder – We’ve arrived at the holy grail of sunscreen powders! Let me first explain how I use this product. I don’t use many powder products, but I have naturally oily skin. After I apply my moisturizer, BB cream, etc., my face looks very shiny. This is when I apply the PTR powder. It soaks up the shine and evens out my skin tone. I have SPF in the other two products that I use before applying, so this is just an extra weapon of defense. Although the product claims to be translucent, it does have a small tint to it. I would never use it as the only SPF on my face, because it would look too dry, and not be the right color. This is simply the best way to get extra SPF and not have a shiny face all summer long. SPF 45


I would never be able to list all of the products that are out there, but this is a good start. To me, having a cocktail of different SPF’s helps to ensure you’re getting the coverage that your face needs. Especially when it’s blazing hot outside, you want to make sure you have the best products on hand that won’t run down your face every time you step out the door. Have a few products you like? Comment below with more favorite summer sunscreens for your face!

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