4 Ways To Style A Tee

Due to the lack of structure in this outfit, I was inspired to think of 4 ways to style my tee that would give me the ultimate figure.

No tuck. How sad!

Ever feel like your cute outfit somehow gives you ZERO shape? This happens to me all the time since my go-to is typically comfortable tees and simple skirts.

I have sort of a boyish build, and I typically like to accentuate my waist in the clothes that I wear. ESPECIALLY when taking photos, because even if the camera doesn’t add ten pounds, it definitely shows that I ate three burritos for lunch.


The Knot

My personal fav (if I’ve only had a smoothie that morning) is the knot. Done properly, it’s the best way to accentuate your waist and give you that “tiny tummy” look that most women aim to have. It’s not appropriate for every occasion, though, so stray away during anything work, church or in-law related events.

How to: Take a corner of the less busy side of your tee (if you have a side braid or a bracelet or other accessory, choose the opposite side to tie the knot) and bunch with one hand. With the other hand, wrap it around one side and tuck through the space between. Then, scrunch up the rest of the shirt to be level with the knot.


Side Tuck

These photos kind of failed to be honest. They looked good when I practiced in the mirror, but then I couldn’t duplicate it during the photoshoot. Nevertheless, when done properly, it’s the perfect way to look a little more casual, whilst still put together.

How to: Start by tucking entire shirt into skirt (this is where I made my mistake). When pulling pieces out of your skirt, make sure to gently fold under excess fabric from the shirt. It can sometimes feel like a lot of fabric, especially the higher waisted your skirt is. This would work better with a tee/tank that had a slit in the back or on the side.


Middle Tuck

This one can also easily go awry. Again, my skirt was probably too high waisted, but it would be ADORABLE with pixie pants or high waited bell-bottom jeans.

How to: Start by tucking entire shirt into skirt. Gently pull from the back and start to remove pieces of the shirt until all but the front is untucked. If need be, start over and try again.


Full Tuck

Probably the easiest, and most put together, this is also a great option. This actually would be appropriate to meet the in-laws (provided that you had a longer skirt to go with it). Show less leg. Compliment the meal. Bond with the dad. But that’s really a post for another day. 🙂

How to: Do I really have to explain this one? Okay, start by taking the front of your shirt and tucking it into your skirt. Follow this step on each side, and finally in the back of your skirt. Once the entire tee is tucked in nice an snug. gently pull up on all around your waist and give a little room between your skin and the fabric of the shirt.

Pro Tip: If your shirt still feels baggy, and you can’t tuck it in anymore, send the majority of the fabric to the back of your skirt. You don’t want the front to look to slouchy, and the excess fabric in the back will only make it looked cinched, and make your waist look even smaller.


There are dozens of ways to accentuate your waist and add some structure to an outfit. These are just a few ways I keep my simple wardrobe looking fresh.

Try it for yourself and comment below with the progress!

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