3 Ways To Style Paper Bag Pants

This entire post came together very serendipitously. I went to Target for a very specific skincare kit for a different blog post (more on that later). Before I knew it, these adorable paper bag denim pants jumped out and were begging to be tried on!

From there I went to visit my sister and she had a very similar pair, and I knew it had to become a post. The pants were quite controversial at first on my Instagram Stories, but after the initial few people voted that they weren’t a fan, I saw more and more girls hop on board! I think it’s like with any stark trend, you need to see it styled a few ways before you hop on board and realize it can be a cute style.

Below you’ll find some killer inspiration! I share 3 ways to style paper bag pants, but there are endless more styles to choose from!

Read below and tag me on Instagram the next time you style these pants your way.

The Cropped Tee

To properly accomplish this look, it’s important to understand how to style paper bag pants. I knew that this cropped tee was wider than most shirts, so I ensured it was short enough to show the smallest part of my waist. It also hangs over the shoulders quite a bit, making my arms look thinner. It’s all about proportions, my friends!

The Chunky Sweater

This was a fun choice because the bottom of the sweater was ribbed and perfectly nested itself in the pants without having to be tucked. Chunky sweaters are a must during cold temps, but you can still make it look slimming if it cuts at the smallest part of your waist.

Pro Tip: Have a sweater that’s too long? Fold the bottom portion into the band of  your bra strap and let the front billow over. This allows it to cover your midsection without being too baggy.

The Fitted Bodysuit

I have been loving a well fitted bodysuit lately! This offers a tucked look without having to actually tuck anything in! While it may not be the most creative look, sometimes simple is best. You can never go wrong with a fitted bodysuit and jeans.

These are just a few ideas but they should help you get started! The best way to figure out such a structured garment is to just experiment with it and see what comes to mind.

Good luck!

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