3 Simple Workout Hairstyles That Won’t Hold You Back

Don’t you just hate those girls who have perfect hair at the gym? Now you can actually be one of them! Here are 3 incredibly simple hairstyles that are practically designed for each activity.
Because most workout hairstyles are kind of “vanilla” I like to mix it up when I take yoga classes. Not only can you get a little more creative with your locks, but it’s more likely to stay when put to the test in this type of activity. You can always braid your hair without pinning it, but by making a crown braid, you’ll be sure to keep your hair out of the way during Downward-Facing Dog (or whatever poses you’re into). Here, you’ll find 5 simple steps to the double crown braids.
Okay, I realize that a high pony might be considered cheating for a hair post, but I have a few excuses up my sleeves for those of you who will fight me on this:
1. These pictures were taken at 7 am.
2. My hair gets so “slippery” and won’t stay very well after running for longer than a 10 minutes.
3. Don’t you kind of feel like a Disney princess when you’re running up and down the stairs with your hair floating in the wind? I thought so.
I have a new obsession with anything fishtail, but am still getting the hang of it. Luckily, my loving sis offered to help me with this one. If you have thin or even short hair, fishtails are a great alternative to the typical three-strand braid. By fishtailing it, you get a tighter twist on your hair, and less “wispies” that fall out of the hair tie. Also kind of tricky, here is a link for the fishtail braid with a high ponytail.  
Curious about my ponytail pics? You’ll see more from the stadium tomorrow!

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