3 Day Weekend In Florida

If you followed along for my last post, I have a confession to make. At the last minute, after I already published the post, I did pack a few more items for North Carolina. It was completely harmless but I realized I needed a handful of other essentials that HAD to make the cut! Since I was a little naive about just how light I could pack, I decided to give it another go. This time, with a 3 day weekend in Florida.

I’m doing this a little differently since it’s easier to pack for Florida. I still keep clothes in Florida with friends and family, of course I make sure to have a hat at every house. I also don’t have any special events to go to, so I can keep my wedding attire at home.

I decided to take a different stance on this post, however, and tell you the handful things that you need, and a few things that you don’t need.

What You DO Need:

A Swimsuit – No matter if you’re a pool/beach person or not, it’s always a safe bet to bring a swimsuit. It’s takes up very little room in your luggage, and running to Target for a last minute bikini purchase can be a total nightmare.

SPF – Don’t even think about going outside without it! I’m bringing my Supergoop Sunscreen Oil SPF 50 and my Farmacy Green Screen SPF 30.

A Cardigan – Florida is smokin’ hot, meaning I often pack little dresses and shorts. The only problem is that all indoor establishments seems to blast cold air the whole time, and I end up freezing! I keep a small sweater with me when I travel so I can use it on the airplane or in a cold restaurant.

What You DON’T Need:

Several Pairs of Shoes – It’s not a fancy weekend, so I’m only bringing the essentials. I have tennis shoes for the airport and if we go on a hike, and sandals for church or dinner with friends and family.

Multiple Hair Tools – Pick a flat iron or curling iron, but don’t bring both! Wash your hair the day you leave, and use your iron to touch it up on Saturday and Sunday morning before your return.

I can’t wait to see my family and relax for the weekend. The less I bring, the less I’ll have to worry about.

P.S. I’ll be sure to update this post once I return to see how well it went!


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