3 Day Weekend Hair

I have been taking  several weekend trips recently, and this has forced me to examine just how long I can go without washing my hair. When all I’m using is a carryon, I’ll do whatever it take to avoid bringing a blow dryer with me. It’s taken a few practice rounds, but I’ve finally figured out how to successfully complete a 3 day weekend hair routine.

My Process

I’ve been leaving on Friday afternoons and returning on Sunday evenings. This means I can wash my hair on Friday, and focus on touchups on Saturday and Sunday morning. I typically add a little dry shampoo to my hair before I jump on the airplane or hop into bed. It means less oil when I wake up in the morning. I then add a little more dry shampoo, and prep my hair with a thin veil of very flexible hairspray. I touch up my curls and then head out the door. Since I prepped my hair very well on Friday, this leaves my “day-two” (Saturday) hair almost better than day one. It also leaves my “day-three” (Sunday) hair doable for my last day of the trip. If I need to, I can always add a hat on the last day to cover my roots.

What You’ll Need

Curling Iron

I’m not much for a straightener, but I always carry a curling iron with me. I use Hot Tools and they never disappoint. Especially after cutting my hair, I stick to the 1″ and 1 1/4″ barrels. Because I’m not washing my hair on the trip, I leave a blow dryer at home. If there’s an emergency, most hotels carry hair dryers.

Dry Shampoo

I carry two mini bottles of Not Your Mother’s dry shampoo with me on every trip. Since they are aerosol, you can’t always tell how much is left in the bottle and I’m not about to run out of the one thing that makes this 3 day weekend hair possible.

Hair Spray

I always pick something with a very flexible hold. I wan’t to be able to brush through my curls, and still maintain that curled shape.

Loose Elastics

There will be times when you need to put your hair up, and you don’t want to ruin the shape of it. When you wash your face at night, or go for a jog, you’ll need something like these elastics to avoid crunchy lines in your hair.


I tend to bring a hat with me when I travel. Yes, it can be a pain to carry around without getting smashed, but it’s great for when everything but your roots look good. You just cover them up and voilà!


3 day weekend hair isn’t something that just happens. It has taken several weeks to wean my hair from the every day or every other day washing.

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