Month: May 2017


The Sleep Revolution

Book #2 – The Sleep Revolution I’m finally on book #2 and I have to hand it to Arianna Huffington, she sure can stretch out a book about sleeping! For my second book of the year, I decided to read The Sleep Revolution: Transforming Your Life, One Night at a Time.…

5 Days of Workout Clothes

Exercising in public can be daunting. Even when you muster up the courage to show up at a group fitness class, if you have no idea what to expect, it’s difficult to get into a good rhythm. Most people don’t know what to wear when they go to an exercise class…

4 Ways To Style A Tee

Due to the lack of structure in this outfit, I was inspired to think of 4 ways to style my tee that would give me the ultimate figure. Ever feel like your cute outfit somehow gives you ZERO shape? This happens to me all the time since my go-to is…

The Chief Dime

Rachel Munson of The Closet Dime