Month: June 2015


Snow Cone Shack

  Top 10 favorite foods? Snow cones would be on that list! I grew up on these little cups full of sugar and ice (poor cavities) and they remind me so much of my childhood when my teammates and I would walk to the snow cone shack after practice and drink…

4th of July Essentials

  It’s that time of year again! The time where anyone with a patriotic bone in their body slaps on red, white and blue. I love this holiday for several reasons, but no matter who you are, you have to admit that it’s the perfect time of year for watermelon…

Watercolor Dress

  Don’t you just LOVE it when a boy sends you flowers?! I’m not a huge flower person but I think tulips are beautiful and when I received this awesome blossom bouquet, I knew I had the perfect dress to match. My poor sister bought this dress at TJ Maxx…

Weekend Travels

  Print the full checklist here: Weekend Travels My problem is never having enough things to pack, it’s knowing exactly what to pack and what to keep at home for the next trip! This is an exact replica of what I took on my weekend trip a couple of weeks ago.…

Summer Wedding

Last week, I went to a wedding for one of my oldest and dearest friends. The wedding was a smashing success and my friend, Aubry, looked so incredibly beautiful! The summer wedding allowed for leggy dresses and lots of outdoor photos so I wasn’t one to complain about the heat. Because it…

TheClosetDime – Moving Forward

It’s finally happening! My new dream site has finally come together and I’m so excited to share it with all of you! Even though I’m in a web design program, I am lightyears away from knowing what I’m doing and absolutely everything has been a huge learning experience. I fell…

The Chief Dime

Rachel Munson of The Closet Dime