Month: March 2015



Any time my sister and I can explore, we jump at the chance.  Before you judge, no, we don’t explore in crop tops and fedoras. We usually look messy and unmatched and wear old tennis shoes with hair that couples our favorite things: dry shampoo and pony tails.  The great thing about our…

The Om-Mazing Yoga Challenge

I have a theory that yoga is best practiced at sunset.   Don’t let my super awesome hair fool you, I’m a total yoga newbie. Not only am I usually the wiggle worm in the back of the class who can’t balance one one foot, I’m also the one who gawks at the…

In My Gym Bag

What’s in my gym bag?  Anything and everything!   I was looking on Pinterest for similar photos of what people take to the gym and I was shocked at the amount of crap-ola (it’s a real word) all the ladies take with them. First of all, the point of going to the…

Ready, Sweat, Go!

~ Moves Like Jogger ~   This is the first of 5 posts that I will be doing this week on fitness!  5 posts in one week? YASSS!   tank: Nike // shorts: Academy // pullover: H&M; // headband: Victoria’s Secret – PINK To be honest, I’m not much of…

Dress to Impress

Ever try to look professional without looking like a lawyer? As more internships, jobs and meetings come up, I am constantly looking for creative ways to look like a professional without settling with my style. I recently had a big meet and greet with a new team I am working with, and I…

Spring Break ’15

Happy Weekend everyone! To be honest, these pictures weren’t taken this weekend, but who wants to see pictures of me studying all weekend? NO. ONE. Because Spring Break happens for several weeks, I decided to get a jump on all of the “fun in the sun” posts. I long for the…


My sister and I have a lot in common, but one of the biggest things, is our love for the downtown scene. We don’t get to explore that often, but we always end up finding the greatest little spots that make it worth the search. We’ve found the best food,…

The Chief Dime

Rachel Munson of The Closet Dime