Month: February 2015


From Head to Toe

I hope you guys can forgive me for not posting in over a week! Between dedicating a new building and rubbing shoulders with the Dean of my school, I have been up to my eyeballs in blessings and late nights projects. Because I’ve been dressing in business attire most of the week, I…

Surviving the Weather with a Side Braid

Well, it doesn’t seem like we will be getting rid of this crazy weather any time soon. I spent all day in soaking wet tennis shoes because of the constant downpour of rain, and now it’s supposed to be 27 degrees and completely sunny tomorrow! I don’t get it. I’ve started losing…

Valentine’s Day Pt. 2: Date Night

Partie deux:  I love this Valentine’s Day post because it shows how you can dress up or down for the special day of heart-shaped tummy aches. My previous post talked about keeping it casual and spending time with friends. This post is all about how to dress for the perfect date…

Valentine’s Day Pt. 1: Keep it Casual

Happy almost Valentine’s Day! This is the first of two posts that focus on cute outfits to wear on the 14th of February. The more causal of the two, this outfit is great for day time excursions or when you’re spending time with your girlfriends. Not every baby has a…

3 Reasons to Buy Overalls this Season

Here are 3 (out of one zillion) reasons why I love overalls.   1. They’re unique It’s difficult to wear overalls without feeling like a country bumpkin, but I’m telling you, they’re back in style. Black overalls that go down to your ankles are trending big time right now and are…

Out the Door in Under 10

Due to our hectic schedules, my photographer and I have a limited window of time when we can blog each week. It’s almost always sporadic and I rarely have much notice. This means that my hair is never ready to go when it needs to be. I’ve blogged about day-two hair…

The Winter Blues: 6 More Weeks

No offense to Mr. Groundhog, but is this a joke? I think that Floridians should get an exemption from this chilly weather since we are all trying to work on our tans for Spring Break. 🙂 I guess this means more layers and pictures with coffee mugs in my future. (Okay,…

The Chief Dime

Rachel Munson of The Closet Dime