2014 FIFA World Cup: Moda Brasileira

Bom dia belas fãs!

I have been getting so excited about the 2014 FIFA World Cup and have been watching almost every day. 
While I never really made it past the Little League stage of soccer, I have always loved the sport.

I hope you don’t hate me for saying, this but I’m actually a Brazil fan when it comes to soccer because I lived there as a kid. 

If you’re Brazilian, and you told someone that you weren’t a fan of fútbol, they would probably laugh and think you were joking. It’s that serious. (Kind of like how I laugh when people tell me they don’t like donuts.)

When I was little, a friend gave me a Brazilian jersey that I wore pretty much every day that I lived there. Sadly, it is way too small for me, and has several holes in it from me never taking it off. I would never get rid of it, however, because it has too many memories to count. I decided to bring it out for the photo shoot and I even let Zeba try it on!

Because it’s been 14 years and 70 pounds, my dearest mamãe brought me back a New Jersey that isn’t so snug on me. 
I paired my jersey with the brightest yellow Nike shoes I could find and wore my favorite H&M; denim shorts that “just happen” to be my little sisters. Don’t worry, she doesn’t read the blog so no one is really getting hurt by it, right? 

Although I miss living in Brazil so, so much, I still cheer on my team with the brightest yellow and green that I can find. 
Let me know your favorite team and tag me in your best game day apparel on Instagram @theclosetdime!!

Adeus por agora, 


The Chief Dime

Rachel Munson of The Closet Dime