10×10 Spring Capsule – Day 5

Truth be told, this was already an outfit in my arsenal! I wore this look a few weeks ago to brunch and everyone loved it. The perfect mix of girly and casual, it’s certainly worth copying this summer.

Day 5

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Linen Shorts

Recognize these linen shorts from Day 2? They are hands down the best purchase so far this spring. At $15 you can’t beat this price and quality for a breezy short that has pockets! Yep, you heard me correctly. Pockets are the reason I buy clothes.

Don’t get sick of them yet because they’re going to make one more appearance before our 10 day streak is up! Dying to take a sneak peak at all 10 pieces? Hopefully you’ve noticed by now that you can see every item at the bottom of each graphic I made! You can also pin them to Pinterest for when you’re stuck in an outfit rut. Looking through saved pins is by far the most common way I get my outfit inspiration!


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