World Spins Madly On
Do you ever have those, “what the heck is happening,” moments? This weekend had a lot of promise but I couldn’t seem to check anything off of my to-do list, and the list only got longer. Whether it’s buying groceries or meeting school/work deadlines, I think I’ve finally figured out why I only have a shred of sanity left. 
I can’t say no to people.
At the risk of sounding dramatic, I will say that I have a difficult time knowing my limits in regards to putting too many things on my plate (which reminds me, I need to go to the gym). See what I mean?
I will try to give you a better example. I’m not the type of person who “can just remember things,” so I have to write them down (buy more sticky notes). I started making a list today and before I could even finish writing a task, I would remember something equally important that needed to be written down. After a few minutes of continuous writing, I had 27 items that needed to be addressed. Some things are quick, like changing my break lights. But others tasks take more time, and slowly make me more and more frazzled (buy more hair serum). It’s important to note that blogging is one of those passions that helps me decompress from the day, but also takes away from my big, bad list of deadlines (tomorrow’s the first, remember to pay rent). 
I’ve been told that breathing exercises work to reduce stress, but I’d probably get more accomplished by screaming The Offspring at the top of my lungs (that reminds me, I need to listen to the new Smashing Pumpkins album).
How do you guys deal with stress? I’d love some tips other than tossing my calendar in the shredder. We’ll call that plan B.