Winter Glow

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I can’t tell you how hard it is to keep a summer tan when it’s 7 degrees outside!

I have been living in fleece leggings and oversized crewnecks but I’m learning how to better play up my strengths. I’m all about having a winter glow and this camel color sweater makes me feel like I still have a bit of color on my skin. This color palette also allows me to wear my favorite gold accessories since this Michael Kors watch rarely leaves my wrist.

I’m also rapidly losing my tan and I’m having to fake my summer glow for several months! Even though the snow is pure white, it doesn’t mean I want my skin to be! I use a cocktail of sunless tanners, but I always stick to a few staples that have never let me down.

Achieve That Winter Glow

1. St. Moriz: Instant Self-Tanning Mousse – The most bang for your buck, this $12 bottle lasts several applications. It also gives you the closest thing to a spray tan that I can find. *CAUTION* Using foaming mousse takes practice. This is not something I learned overnight, and it may take a few times to learn the dos and don’ts. Watch a 3 minute tutorial here.

2. Jergens: BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream – This lotion will not give you that weekend beach look. Instead, it will enhance the glow of the skin tone you already have. It is a thicker lotion that will firm up your skin while adding moisture. It also works great if you’re headed to a party and need a little color, but don’t want something that will stain your clothes. I use this when I’m around my boyfriend and coworkers. It doesn’t smell as strong as other lotions, and it doesn’t dramatically change the color of my skin. It gives me the PERFECT winter glow! See for yourself.

3.  Nivea: Sun-Kissed Radiant Skin Gradual Tanner – While other products may get you darker more quickly, this lotion builds better than any other formula that I’ve tried. It doesn’t streak or build around the knees and elbows, and it has a much more pleasant scent. Don’t expect results overnight, but if you want something longterm, this product is perfect!

There are several sunless tanning brands on the market and I’ve tried just about all of them. I’ve used brands like St. Tropez, Neutrogena, Sephora, and L’Oreal, but the three products above make up the ultimate trifecta.

Have questions about a specific product? Message below and I’ll give it a try!