Tornado Season

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Denim: H&M | Blouse: Downtown Marketplace | Sunnies: Runway Seven

I’ll never understand why the leading lady in movies was always wearing heels when she ran from danger. I don’t like running to begin with but add something scary chasing me and I’m toast. Because tornado season has officially started, I keep getting “prepped” by the people around me as to how I can protect myself from a tornado in the event that one decides to take my house. Due to all of the warnings going around, I figured it was better to wear my heels for a little bit longer.

As much as I pretend to be a leading lady (in my own mind) I know that while wearing heels I can’t outrun a spider let alone an actual tornado! Props to the ladies in the Alfred Hitchcock films who thought they could outrun birds without it going terrible wrong. From now on I’m keeping my outfits simple. Sweatpants full of pockets that can hold emergency snacks and Nike’s that can carry me safely into a storm shelter (or maybe a Target for more snacks).

Prepping for tornado season is serious business so make sure to wear your cute shoes while you can!