When She’s Away

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Create the look: Dolman Tee // Braided Skinny Jeans // Beaded Hoop Earrings // Teal Clutch

Meredith is my person. If I was ever unsure about that before, I finally got the confirmation I needed during these last few days!

Last week my sister went on vacation between her semester classes. This gave me 7 whole days to clock a bunch of works hours, prep blog posts and sell shop designs that I had been working on. I made several to-do lists and planned it out day by day. What did I do when she was away?

NOTHING. I’m serious.

Technically I did work and made a few sales, but I also ate a whole can of biscuits and watched seasons 1-3 of The Office on DVD. It was both a low point and a really impressive amount of bread eaten in one sitting.

I finally decided to get out of my sad sister slump and dress up and eat something other than canned bread and this was the outfit I chose! Almost every girl has a pair of stretchy jeans, a black top and a small clutch. To help you recreate this look, I added links above so make sure to check them out. Once you make your own, tag me in the photos on Instagram to share them!


By the way, I almost put this post under the “Health” tab accidentally but then realized the irony of that and immediately made the correction. 🙂