My Weekly Face Routine

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Do you remember when I told you guys I was working on a big skin experiment? Well, I was half way done with the project during these photos. My weekly face routine is fairly simple, but I try to make the most out of the products that I do use. It’s not easy meeting your wellness goals, and this was no exception. I’ve been trying really hard not to wear makeup, and take better care of my face. In addition to skipping the cosmetics, I also made a promise to myself. I swore I would take this time to not only detox on makeup, but also get more rest.

Is it happening? Umm….

The “no makeup” thing is going surprisingly well. I don’t love putting gobs of goop on my face, and I don’t wear much of it anyway. Except for mascara. I love caking that on. What’s been surprising difficult is everything else! Getting more sleep, exfoliating my skin, keeping my nails short, etc. I always have the best of intentions when it comes to not rubbing my face, or leaving pimples alone, but sometimes I can’t help myself! Even when I go makeup-free, I’m guilty of all of the usual bad habits.

That being said, any progress is a good thing and I’m glad I’m making a conscious effort to take better care of my skin. I never thought living in Florida would do so much damage to my complexion, but at age 24, I can already see what the sun and elements have done to negatively impact my skin. Now, more than ever, I’m wearing SPF and moisturizing as much possible.

It’s pretty hard to show progress photos after only three days so instead, you guys get a sunglasses style shoot! I promise to show the in’s and out’s of my big detox once it’s finished. Until then, take a look at my weekly face routine and get the most out of a makeup free week!

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