Vests at Work


I’ve worn vests countless times on the blog, and every time provides a completely different look. The Texas weather has been playing tricks on us lately and vests have been an easy way for me to transition from a cold morning to a sunny afternoon.

Another place I’ve been wearing vests? To work!

I learned early on in my career that I could pack light, or be prepared. It took me longer to perfect both skills simultaneously. I’ve started to pack a vest and jacket that work well with two sweaters/blouses incase I spill on one of the shirts. It’s also handy to have an extra layer because office buildings are so cold!

One: Find two cute blouses that work well with layers.

Two: Wear a neutral looking vest that matches your coat, and can be paired with either blouse you are wearing.

Three: Always, always, always bring your phone charger or Mophie in your purse/pocket when you travel. It’s not vest related, but it’s just darn good advice.

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