Since wedding season usually brings several unexpected expenses, it’s nice to find something like Underclub that is high in quality but still manages to keep my piggy bank in one piece. I’ve already gifted some undies to a new bride, and this brand is the next stop on my gift list for several upcoming bachelorette parties.

Cosabella Undies: Underclub // Perfume: Folle de Joie // Lip Gloss L to R: Tarte + Mally // Bride To Be Bag: The Closet Dime Shop

Most of my friends are getting engaged, and I’m constantly going to bachelorette parties. It’s no one’s fault that this whole marriage thing tends to happen in our twenties. It just so happens to be when we have almost no cash flow! Twenty-something’s, what are we thinking?

I understand why people get married right out of college, but post-grad life is the “Rachel is completely broke” time of life. It has turned The Closet Dime into “no seriously, I only have a dime” and that’s not cool as a party guest. Luckily Underclub has my back (or booty, I should say).  😉

These undies make great gifts for friends and they’re also a fun way to treat yourself once a month. It’s one less thing you have to think about doing, and a lifesaver if you’ve completely shirked your laundry duties for the week…or month.

Need More Reasons?

This adorable undie brand is also soft launching a new $12.95 subscription line giving you exclusive access when you subscribe this month! Yet another reason to treat yourself and the bride to be. The best part? You’ll still have enough money for a wedding gift!






All Underclub products were given to me by Underclub for the purposes of promotion.

All products have been tested by myself, and all thoughts are my own.