The Winter Blues: 6 More Weeks
No offense to Mr. Groundhog, but is this a joke?
I think that Floridians should get an exemption from this chilly weather since we are all trying to work on our tans for Spring Break. 🙂 I guess this means more layers and pictures with coffee mugs in my future. (Okay, I’m not that upset about winter if I have my coffee.) 
Seeing as it’s already been a crazy week and it’s only Tuesday, I think the chilly weather is a sign that we should call in sick. I have this theory that the groundhog chooses to see his shadow so he can go back to bed and watch Netflix all day. Believe it or not, this is one of my more sane theories. We should at least spend more time relaxing and signing petitions that allow us to wear sweatpants on casual Friday.
Who’s with me?