The Right Gift For The Hostess

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Coat: Forever 21 (find similar here) // Necklace: Target // The Closet Dime Shop Wine Totes:  Double Tote & Drawstring Tote

A couple of posts ago I wrote the ultimate holiday gift guide for 2016! While I need to hold back on online shopping for a while, I knew I had to share with you guys one more thing.

The ultimate checklist for bring the right gift for your host/hostess! Many of you know I have an Etsy shop where I design and sell wine totes. While I’m shamelessly representing the totes shown above, wine is not the only thing you have to bring to a party. There’s also champagne. 🙂

Keep a few things in mind when venturing off to your holiday parties this season.

Keep It Simple – You’re a guest at the party, meaning you don’t need to roll out the red carpet. Instead, bring a token or your gratitude. Something easy that says ‘thanks for the invite’ without being too flashy or overshadowing the work they have put in to prepare the event for your enjoyment. No need to overbuy, simply limit your generosity to one or two small gifts.

Keep It Personal – Think of what the host/hostess likes. Do they cook? Try a recipe book. Do they read? Try a new novel that has just come out. Focus on bringing something they would enjoy having, and they will always be grateful.

Keep It Memorable – It doesn’t have to be as memorable as Beyonce’s 40th birthday party, but it should be memorable because it came from YOU! If you have a shared memory or a bottle of wine you know is a hit, bring a couple bottles and tell them why you brought it. It might be a funny story, a silly anecdote or just because you like it so much!

There are several ways to be a pleasant guest, and bringing a token of your gratitude is just one of them.

Have more tips? Comment below with your ideas!